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Covid-19 And Restrictions

Covid-19 and restrictions

Covid-19 has taken the world by a suprice, and everything has stoped.
Every tournament in Scandianvia has been cancelled until furter notice.
We as a golf society are quite blessed as this not effect us on the course, when they follow the restrictions from the National Healt Organization.

Here in Norway the regulations is as follow:
– We can only meet 10 minutes before teeoff.
– Players must be atleast 2 meters apart during the round.
– No handshakes, High Fives og fist bumps.
– Bunkers are playable, but no bunker rakes. Use your feets.
– The cups have been flipped upside down, so the ball stays just inside the hole.
– The flags cannot be taken out. (no touching the flag)

Stay safe everyone, hopefully everyting will go back to normal.

Best Regards

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